This game is pretty awful, it may say that you are going 100s of miles per hours but it always feels like 10

This game is an absolute atrocity in terms of feeling like a racer. You feel as though you are just cruising along bland tracks for a couple of minutes looking at the scenery. Not only does moving feel awful, but pulling off tricks feels clunky and unplanned. The music is pretty **** techno that gets very annoying after playing for about five minutes. This game looks pretty damn awesome from the cover...but it is not. If you find this game in a bargain bin for three dollars, it is in there for a very good reason. Getting bored of this game is absolutely no amazing feat as you get tired of the computer players whooping your ass at a game you don't want to get good at. Do not buy this game. If you see a copy, burn it (with fire, do not copy this, we don't want any more of them around).