A Link to the Past has quite more things to do, Can you withstand dying less than 85 times? I died 84 times.

This game really has cunning levels of hard strategy and 10 levels of navigating including Hyrule Castle and Ganon's Tower. It took me just 1 day (6 Hours to beat this.) I am quite the master of video games. I may not be smart at homework but I have a high IQ when it comes to games. I am guessing... 187 maybe? I just likle destroying Ganon many times, If you want a clear shot of him without dying... First stock up on Silver Arrows and Four bottles of Blue Potion. It may cost you a fortune, but trust me, this is the way to go. I like the part near Ganon's last fighting spot, there is a place next to it called the Palace of Winds. How do you get in there? Do you have to fight Vaati too?