i hate how people say its not the same fallout.. i have

both fallouts and they have the general idea right.. thats all that matters, its not like its a freakin different game.. if you want the top down view and gameplay just play the old fallouts, this game is for die hard fallout fans and half the people who say that its different gameplay havent even played the first 2. So just play the game to have fun not to scrutinize it. VATS is exactly like the old turn based play, its just modernized, and most of the old weapons are still in it like the hunting rifle and the mini-gun and the laser rifles, so tell me, whats so different about it other than the fact that it is in 3d. The only thing i can say bad about this game is that after you beat the game you end it (just like the old ones) but that doesnt effect my score at all seeing as you can just delay the main story line as long as you like just like in oblivion (AND THE OLD FALLOUT). Also i would like to have seen a little body customization rather than all looking the same. Overall great game and should stay great even in a year