Prince of Persia: Revelations is a non-stop action adventure title that will have your heart racing.

At first glance, some may be skeptical at the decision of Ubisoft to make a Prince of Persia game for the PSP. We have in the past seen camera, along with gameplay issues in 3rd-person games for the console, however, after extensive study I have found that Ubisoft managed to hit the nail on it's head.
Staying true to the PoP games, Revelations combines both intricate combat and puzzle solving acrobatics to create a near perfect combination of skill and timing. It seems that through out the game, you are being thrown new and more complex arrays of oscilating saws or bottomless pits and other things of that nature.
I found the combat system in this game to be very original and easy to use. Each of your enemies carries a different weapon, (and with over forty of them in them game there is a lot to choose from) making each attack and defense random.
One of the largest glitches of the game is the audio tracking. During most of the cut-scenes, dialogue is often two or more seconds away from where it should be. Along with this, the basic sounds of swords clashing or axes slicing through an enemy's neck is bland and very quiet.
Taking these audio glitches into account, Prince of Persia: Revelations is still one of the better games I (and hopefully you) will will ever play on the PSP.