If you've played Odin Sphere, you know what to be expecting...or you would think.

User Rating: 9.4 | Grim Grimoire (First Print Limited Edition) PS2
Well first things first while Vanillaware did co-op on Grim Gimoire it is nothing like that of Odin Sphere and if you go in with a closed mind you're going to hate this game. The graphics are going to be the first thing you notice, if you've seen or played Odin Sphere youll definitely be pleasantly surprised as grim grimoire is just as magical in its graphics. The voice acting is par and the characters are pretty interesting to, however theres a lot of "unique" background that comes out early in the game between some characters. The gameplay however is the huge change. Unlike most RTS's GG takes a new view on the world maps and turns them into a side scrolling vertical field. Don't be discouraged though as it doesn't affect the gameplay at all and you'll catch on quite quickly. With a fair selection of summons you'll definitely find alot of fun in this game. While it doesn't hail in comparison to previous NIS installments it's definitely a game worth playing. You'll start off wary of it but I gaurantee by the time you've gotten a couple hours into it you'll be addictively hooked.