Highly Under-Rated they can't rate games for beans. This game is much better than what they say! Read my review!

User Rating: 8.8 | Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd XBOX
I am a big paintball fan and i have played for acouple of years now. This game has a great multi-player and is better than the first. If your new to this game get it, if you have the first wait till the money drops and then get it.

Gameplay: awesome, purly awesome, it is so much fun that i swear you will be addicted to it in the matter of 5 seconds.

Graphics: much better than what gamespot says.

sound: i gave it 10 because there is a diffrent sound for each marker, painballs whizzing around you and great music with a good anouncer.

Value: Must get if you have Xbox live or play multiplayer alot, if not rent it for single player.

Tilt: a solid game