Grand Theft Auto IV is a great addition to the series although not as polished as past titles

User Rating: 8 | Grand Theft Auto IV PC

Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Genre: Shooting-Action
Developer: Rockstar
System: Steam (PC)
Total Score: 85/100
Value Score: 8.5/10

• Story: 8/10
• Characters: 7/10
• GamePlay: 8/10
• Graphics: 8/10
• Sound: 10/10
• Music: 7/10
• Length: 9/10
• Replay Value: 9/10
• Player Value: 9/10


+Bigger City than in GTAIII, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas

+A lot of special events, mini games, etc to play

+Driving is more realistic than previous games (most people will like this)

+Multiple Endings

+Voice acting is fantastic

+Phone system which gives you access to interacting with other characters, cheats, and other features

+Replay Value focuses mostly on the open world, mini games, assassination missions and etc missions like previous games

+Unique features such as the ability to use the police system to track down characters and the ability to get on the internet for additional missions + dating, etc ties more into the replay value as well as gameplay.


-Driving can be a pain sometimes (especially when it comes to flying vehicles and boats) compared to previous games cause of the realistic like mechanics (more realistic than previous games)

-Too many chasing missions which repeat the process again and again far more often than in previous GTA games

-Stats, physical appearance, etc from San Andreas removed

-Safe houses reduced significantly and only accessible through storyline terms rather than purchasing like in previous games