Grand Theft Auto 4: Complete Edition is well worth the money and gives hours of playing

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition X360
If you're looking for a game that will last awhile than this game is for you. It has the original GTA 4 along with the two dlc packs The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. This game has amazing graphics and sound and is just well worth the purchase.

Grand Theft Auto 4: Let's start with the main game. The story is just simply amazing and easy to follow and I believe this is the first GTA where you get to make decisions that reflect the story. The driving in this game is completely different from any other game and it took me a little while to get use to it. There is now a cover system which really comes in handy during big shootouts. The map is huge and is a really good replica of New York the only thing they're missing is Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden. There are tons of side quests my personal favorite is when you take a cop car you can enter the police computer and hunt down criminals and kill them and go to recent crimes which are a lot of fun. There is also street racing which is fun as well. You can take your friends out to eat, bowl, play pool, and go see a show, or go to a strip club. There is always transportation available you can go by car, motorcycle, boat, and helicopter, take a cab, or go on the train. You can go on the computer and check emails that you get often or go on some funny websites or go on a dating website and find a date. Which leads to dating; you can date girls and take them out to the same places you take your friends but at the end of the date you can try your luck to get invited into her house. There are 3 different clothing stores to choose from; The Russian Shop which is cheap ugly clothes, Modo which is nice casual clothes, or Perseus which is suites and ties and my favorite store. Unlike most games like this you don't get a mansion in this game instead you go from ugly apartments to eventually a luxurious one but nothing big just an apartment. The only downside about this game is you have to park your car in the residential parking space on the side of the road which sometimes a car will come and hit it out of the space and you'll lose the car so you have to park almost directly on the sidewalk.

The Lost and Damned: This game you're in a biker gang and there is better handling on the motorcycles making them easier to turn from the main game. During any mission you can call for backup and make the mission easier. You get to do 3 new activities in this game; you can play cards, arm wrestle, and do gang wars with other biker gangs other than that there aren't really any other features. The story is medium length and it answers some questions from the main games story.

The Ballad of Gay Tony: This game there is night clubs that you can party in but there only open at night which kind of sucks. You can do a couple of new activities which include cage fighting, club management multiple vehicle races like starting in a boat and ending in a car, and base jumping which is my personal favorite. The story is good and is longer than The Lost and Damned.

Overall Grand Theft Auto 4: Complete Edition shouldn't be missed by any gamer.