Brilliant tennis game, with ultra-realistic controls and many options. A must-buy!

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Slam Tennis WII
I know why you're here, reading reviews. Well, probably because, just like me, you own a Motionplus and want a good game to try it. Right?

Maybe I was wrong, but whatever, let's focus in the review itself:

Graphics - 7.5/10
Funny, cartoon-like graphics are very charismatic and bring a nice atmosphere while you're playing. Can't say the same for the technical part though; there are some glitches and bad animations, which can be awkward sometimes.

Gameplay - 9/10
Probably the best part of the game, the gameplay is awesome! It can be a little frustrating in the beggining, but when you get the hold of it, the experience is remarkable. The Motionplus does a great job recognizing the movements, and it really feels like real tennis. IMO you can get this game just to try the experience.

Variety - 8/10
It features all Grand Slams, as well as some other practice matches against well-known tennis players. For me, the Grand Slam mode felt like too linear. You complete some matches, earn some skills, unlock clothes and go to the Grand Slam. The skill system could be MUCH more complex and fun, as well as the clothing - they all look the same. Also, the "create-your-character" mode is pretty simple, with very limited body customization.
However, this game earns some points for the variety of modes, including online play and a kinda strange "Get Fit" mode.

The audio is nothing special, so I don't think it's necessary to talk much about it.

Well, in long words short: Limited customization and depth can hamper gameplay for hardcore players; but if you're looking for a fun game, that fully uses the Motionplus, get it.