This game was really underratet by the GameSpot team. And for me, as a role-playing-game lover, it's a must.

User Rating: 9.6 | Gothic PC
The gameplay is really good. You can choose, which guild you want fallow. If you want be a good man, you go to the army (or like that), if you wanna be a guru, you fallow the ones, who smoke all the time and have contact with their good. And you can too be a assassin.
The enemys are very good made.
My Score: 10 points

The graphic isn't good. And that's the only thing in this game, what isn't perfect. you can see sometime cants. and sometime the picture twitches.
But the game is already old. So it's a bit normal
My Score: 8 points

I have to say, that the sound is verry amazing! But because sometimes, the sound is ever the same, i have to make minus 1.
My Score: 9 points

I could play this game for a long time. It's not a game you can play only once. No, I have plaied the game alreay twice, and I could play it too once.
My Score: 10 points

Reviewer's Tilt
I have already written enough things. So I come directly to the fact
My Score: 10