Mass Effect 2 is the greatest game ever

Mass Effect 2 is easily the greatest game I have ever played in my 20+ years of gaming. I have been a huge fan of rpg's my whole life. Not only is this an amazing rpg but it's also an amazing shooter. Any issues I had in Mass Effect 1 are gone is Mass Effect 2. Everything about this game is a masterpiece. The story is so deep and incredible I never skipped a single cutscene nor did I ever want to. The combat is amazing with different classes to make you want to play through again and again. The production values are the best in a video game to date and the best voice acting in a video game yet. The is alot of content to this especially if you pick up the amazing dlc that adds alot to the already perfect game. If you have the slightest intrest in Sci-Fi, shooters, or rpg's go buy this now. It is truly a masterpiece.