It's been released far to soon. The game is overwhelmed by lazy nes. But amazingly it manages to win me ov

User Rating: 9.3 | Gothic 3 PC
Gothic 3

First i would like to start with the bad:

Gothic 3 is made by sloppy heads, it's been released 1 maybe 2 months to early, the bugs in the game completely overwhelms everything.
They made the game far to easy, there is only a small amount of challenges. Even on Hard.....! When that's said, we get to the graphical requirements: This game requires far to much, sure it's pretty, it's actualy close to amazing, but it's not revolutionary or anything. So the extremely high graphical requirements, ruins it for many ppl's.
Now the graphical bugs: In every caves on the map, the inside of the caves are red in the sides, Huge areas of grass is blue and white just like the sky, and then at last, it lags in the city's! (Not because of req. cause i tried setting everything on low, didn't help at all. And the city problem isn't only me, my friend has the same problem)

BTW: I have a Geforce 6800 ultra, 2Gb ram and a 3.2 Ghz processor (just saying that so you wouldn't think it's because i can't run the game proberly)

But now i said all these bad things, i would also like to mention that it was the first patch, i'm commenting and that i have also tried later with newer patches, and some of the bugses are fixed. But that doesn't changed the matter that they simply released it to soon!

Now to the good:

Gothic 3 may have alot of major bugs, but now i will look past them, because they don't steal the entire picture, there is also good and amazing things in Gothic 3.
The entire world in Gothic 3 is amazing, and really makes you addicted, each quest have it's unique touch, which makes it all fun. This is without a doubt the best game in the Gothic series, and that does say something, i was a big fan of Gothic 1 and 2, and i think they both were and still are amazing games, but this beats them both, even though it has these really annoying bugs. The gameplay simply saves the day.
Graphics: As i said before Gothic 3 has huge requirements, but if you have what it requires, you wont be dissapointed. I run the game with most on medium and somethings on high, and i must say i'm impressed, the medium graphics are truly amazing. BUT still remember that it also requires so much. There isn't much to say about the sound, it works and it goes to 7.1 surround, so i guess it's okay good, and the music is really good in the game, suits the game perfectly.

But with everything put together and remember i'm making this oppinion from the first release, where it hasn't been patched yet.
I would say it gets 8.6 which is a really good grade, and put in mind that it's without being patched, so it's really good.
But my advice to you is, wait until a patch is released, then buy this amazing game!

And now i just want to add, that with the newest patch (1.09) the game has changed allot, it's become almost everything it was missing before, so with the new patch i would give it 9.3 because many graphical bugs, have been fixed, which not only emproves the graphical grade but also the value, and then i actually first now realised that the sound have improved quite a bit, and being that said the amazingly well gameplay remains, just as before, just as it should be.