My first game played on PS2 proves to be a masterpiece.

User Rating: 10 | God of War PS2

If you played prince of Prince of Persia, you'll love God of War. This is how a real action game should be done. You're Kratos, a Spartan hero, now turned into a monster by Ares whom you asked years ago to save you from a battle. But as in any story, any deed has a reverse. You're turned into the puppy of Areas and you become a fierce killer, murdering even his own family. Now, with the help of other gods (Athena, Poseidon, Zeus-himself , Hades and others) you must seek revenge on Areas. You have to save Athens from this son of Zeus who turned berserk. You have powers you can upgraded using the souls of the dead. The game is not an easy one and unfortunately not being used to a controller I had a lot of "pleasant work" in order to finish it. The boss battles are hard and cinematics are wonderful presented keeping the story alive.You can slash, jump solve tens of puzzles (some of them difficult enough, other piece of cake) to gain access to the powers which can help kill the final boss, Ares. He's not easily put down and you have to have skills to do it. I've enjoyed this game thoroughly and now I'm starting the second iteration.

Hope it will be just as good as this one.