A nice balance between the grind of World of Warcraft and the intensity of a FPS

User Rating: 8 | Global Agenda PC

While this game might not be cutting edge in any particular field, its quite fun to play and strangely addictive. I would recommend giving the demo a try if you are looking for a game that offers a blend of your typical first person shooter and the exploring of something like World of Warcraft.

I like that it lets you level your character, trade, and explore in a manner similar to WOW, but at the same time the missions are shorter, there is no grinding, and the game play offers both strategic playing like in WOW, and shooting and weapons like a FPS.

I typically stick to the top rated games that show off my graphics card and such, but this game is an exception in that I like to play it regardless of it's last-year's graphics. The graphics are not bad, just not cutting edge, but the game play is fun without getting frazzled like in an FPS.