Excellent game with awesome single player, and multiplayer! BEST IN SERIES!!!!

I most fancy FPS shooters, especially the tactical ones. Now rainbow six lockdown fufills my needs completely. When it comes to graphics, sound, gameplay etc. Its definitely the best in the series. AI isnt exactly that intellegent but smart enough to be a bit challenging. Xbox LIVE is great when your playing with you friends and blowing off some enemies heads with your lightweight assault rifle or custom made sniper with a built in scope, yes its definitley realistic, immersive and a great gaming experience like no other so far. Tom clancy and all the developers in rainbow six know how create an innovative and classic FPS tactical video game. Its definitely a personal favourite in my eyes and for any body who wants a true hard, and intense gaming experience then Tom clancys rainbow six lock down will not disappoint any body out there who is looking for that satisfaction!