User Rating: 3.4 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown XBOX
I became fan of tactical shooters playing Rainbow Six Rogue Spear, wich I think is the best tactical shooter ever, since then I have bought most of Tom Clancy's Games.

As Rainbow Six series have been one of my favorites, I was really looking forward to buy this game, and I must say it's a total letdown, Where to begin?

Let's begin by the gameplay, this is just an arcade shooter, there's nothing wrong with that, there are a lot of great arcade FPS games, but we are talking about R6, a realistic simulation of counter terrorism tactics, the IA of enemies and partners is awful, they are capable of missing a shot from a distance of 1 meter, partners won't follow you they stay stuck when they see stairs, the arsenal is very limited compared to previous R6 games.

What's gonna be next? Revolver Ocelot and his "talking Arm" as a boss in Splinter Cell?, Aliens in Ghost Recon games?

Let's see the graphics, wich are totally awful, character models look Ok, but the weapon models are the worst I have ever seen, Rainbow Six 3 had the best looking weapons I have ever seen and now this game has models that were taken from a low budget game, visual effects are very simple, there are explosions, i f we can call them "explosions" because a shacked can of beer can make a lot more noise and look more dangerous than the ones in this game, if you look at a flashbang explosion, nothing happens, you don't get stunned, Rainbow Six 3 had the best flashnbanfg effect, and now, there's no effect at all.

Sound is the worst part of the game, because there's no sound...

I f you are looking for a solid realistic and good looking game better go for SWAT 4 or play gotcha, or something...