Addictive, but sometimes confusing with a steep learning curve

User Rating: 7.5 | Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords Gold Edition PC
I am new to Galactic Civilations, so there mare be some things I am missing. In playing the game there are many elements that you think may be related to other elements, but you are never quite sure. A strategy guide would be a big plus. For example population on planets affect tax collection and approval. More people to tax brings in more tax dollars, but people don't like to be crowded. One would expect that more people would also be able to be more productive, building things faster and researching things quicker. Nothing have read suggests that though, and it is difficult to tell if that is the case. As your progressing through the tech tree and see a technology produces building X, there is no where to lookup what building X is. These make the game have a bit of a learning curve. That doesn't make it any less addictive though and six to ten hours of time can disappear while you are playing the game. Overall I find it to be a good game for the turn based Strategy Genre