It is a great previllage to take part in the WWII. Great new perspective to WWII. Good multiplayer.

A first person shooter from Active vision based on WWII events. This game features the conflicts that took place between Japanese and US (Pacific Theater) and Soviets and Germans (Eastern Front) in single player campaign. The game also features up to 4 player Co-Op mode. In the single player campaign you get to play as few different characters: Private Miller of the USMC for the US missions and Private Dimitri Petrenko of the Red Army for the soviet missions. The missions are given based on dates. You begin as an US soldier then after completion of few missions you'll be taken to Germany to show you what’s going on in there. There’s also another playable character in the game that’s on an air strike mission for the US (loved this level).

Also to be noted that the theme of the game seems to be more matured. While loading there’s an audio which says the new recruit calls you the Old Breed when you haven’t even crossed your twenties. You'll be shown how your team mates react when a leader dies and also a soviet writer who faces the horror of war.

This time COD features more open ended game-play than ever. There are multiple ways of completing a mission. The game do not lacks enemy that's for sure. I loved how the Japanise Banazi charges fearlessly all of a sudden which can turn the tides against you if you are not careful. Your team mates are also intelligent enough to throw back grenades and provide supporting fire. While the game is loading you'll be given an overview of the situation through short videos. The game includes all of previously featured WWII weapons in the COD series and MORE. Thompson submachine gun, Panzerschreck, Mosin-Nagant, MP42 are some of those. New arsenal includes: (the unstoppable) flamethrower and Air Strike.

Multiplayer mode is also very exciting and includes the obvious death match and CTF. You'll be given special achievements and ranks online.

Graphics and Audio:
The game uses COD4 engine to give you great performance and dramatic special effects. You can burn down every last grass with the flame thrower and also watch enemies screaming and running when set on fire. The game includes both day and night time missions with pretty good lightning effects. You can notice the sparks of flames on explosions and chips of broken things flying all around you. Audio is great to you'll know which way the shots are coming from.

The game is the best WWII game featured in the COD series (and possibly of all games). Yes we have seen too many WWII games in the past but this game has a whole new perspective of war. By the end of the game you'll realize that War is HELL.