Nubee, you've done it again

As much as I love Nubee's game Coin Pirates, I love Japan Life even more. The game is a city simulation but with a Japanese twist. You can have sushi shops, ninja dojos, ramen shops and more! I was really interested to see this in the App Store, and as soon as I started playing I knew I was going to be hooked big time. The graphics are slightly better than CityVille's, but that doesn't matter.

Your advisor is Monggi (a pun on monkey, because he actually is a monkey) - who wears a Japanese band thing (cannot remember it's name). You can have up to three set goals at a time. It would be better if there were more, but as long as they give you a challenge, it's OK.

Objects like sakura trees will increase a shop's income. If you place them around your shops they will gain a significant amount of income. You know how much money you get, from 1 $ coin to 3 $ bags being the highest.

Well, Japan Life is pretty good in itself. The only flaw in it is that you need neigbours in order to complete some of the quests. The object of the game is clearly straightforward. Getting neighbours is easy if you have social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Through these, I have added 10+ neighbours. The game packs in a very great challenge! I would recommend this to anybody! Put down CityVille and pick up Japan Life! 10/10 from me!