Abosulutely Amazing for the money!

One of the few games the come out cheap 49$ total of 51$ thats awsome, it was definately worth the money i paid. OO this is canadian currency by the way. The levels so far are very well varied, the game has a nice feel to it, very.... nice. The graphics and sound are pushing this gen to the MAX and i love it(even though i have a 360) i think its one of those games hardcore shooter fans will come back to and beat it more then once maybe even more then twice. Yea Yea live would have been nice, a bit of multiplayer would have helped, but if u think, if they had live, it'd just be to caotic, to much destruction, the levels would be decimated in a few minutes which = bad, so ya. But they could have at least added a little co-op or something, but still i recommend this game to any shooter fan that doesnt mind a good, short single player campaign.