Great game, but seems to scripted a little too much.....

With great anticipation, I was waiting for Call of Duty 2 to come out. I thought if it is anything like the original, I’m in for a 6 month playing spree. Well sad to say, its not. Don’t get me wrong, the game is fun, loud, and hectic at times, and makes you feel like you are really in a war. The only major issue I have with it is all the scripting of my team mates. What happened was I was running thru streets and decided to take a left instead of a right, and start killing some Germans sitting at an AA gun. Then I noticed I’m taking all these guys on my own as my team mates sit behind cover about half a street up. So I’m thinking, hello, aren’t you going to come help me? Then I figured out lets try going right instead of left and low and behold, here come my guys, ready to help.
Now this is just one example of the scripting issues I had. There are other times when I was running around in the street trying to figure out how to activate the script. Other then that major glaring issue, the game is fun. I find myself amazed at how hectic and loud the game can get one minute, then really quite and clam the next. I would say over all it is a lot of fun and excitement, but I don’t think I will be playing this over and over again like the original. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play multiplayer but when I do, I try and write a review on that.