Not bad. It's worth playing for the story.

Since this is an continuation I did not expect the game-play to change. I did expect more of the storyline though. It's a good game in a whole, besides the game is about an on-line game. The only way the game-play would change is if in the story "The World", would have a major upgrade. It's an interesting concept that they left it that way. If they had changed the game-play,-yes it would have been more entertaining- it would have not been true to the story and would not have been logical. The game is suppose to be about some kid playing an on-line game and discovers this game is a health-risk. So, he continues playing trying to help his friend who in the real world is under sever comatose. It makes sense that the game-play did not change. And if your a fan of the anime series the game helps get some answers to questions in the show.