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GT: BleedTheFreak65

TZ: Eastern (US)

Xbox One Games: Battlefield 4, Forza 5, Zoo Tycoon. (Hoping to get Titanfall soon)

Xbox 360 Games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, 2, 3, Black Ops 2, Ghosts. Gears of War 1 and 2, A bunch of Guitar Hero's. GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption, NFS: Most Wanted, Battlefield 3, I'm pretty sure I have more online multiplayers, but I can't think of them.

I'm really just looking for friends that will actually chat/play with me. I just cleaned out my friend's list of basically everyone.

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my gamertag is prophanity

add me if you play xbox one nba 2k14, and live in australia,

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Gamertag: Odie1049

Currently own Forza 5 for Xbox One, but plan to get more. Add me! :)

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My Gamertag is: xArmedRussianx - I don't play anything because I cannot get online without xbox live membership. I have though played CoD, Battlefield and many others but you can access that info when adding me.

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GT: Zer0Darkhart91

I play CoD BlackOps 2, L4D2, Minecraft, Dragons Dogma, and soon GTA V.

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GT: SatelliteFlight

Titanfall, DR3, Forza 5


#57 Posted by jaenjaes (10 posts) -

GT: JaeNJx

Just picked up a Xbox One today and so far I only have Dead Rising 3. Migrating over to Xbox from PlayStation so no friends in this community yet. 19 years old, more so a casual and laid-back gamer. Feel free to add.

#58 Posted by T0CKS (9 posts) -

T0CKS (thats a zero in there)

Playing titanfall and gonna be picking up watch dogs tomorrow!

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xbox one ghost titanfall and ryse

GT: c0din3 add me :)

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GT green4blue4ver......who like discuss abt game and team if you borng play without friend like PVZ or Titanfall.....Can°t wait GTV 5 going to X1

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gamertag: XUltimateXMoroNX xD

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GT: SiCoSi

UK only, looking for co-op buddies. mainly RPG and action games.

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Gametag: PHC479

live in New Zealand - online most nights.....

Play both Xbox One (Titanfall, CoD Ghosts, Forza, Fifa 14, Ryse, Thief etc) and Xbox360 (recently had a clean out of most of the games I have finished - still have some multi-player ones I think)

Only occasionally chat - more of a casual online gamer :)

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GT: Dyn0knight

#65 Posted by Flutter1Dash7 (51 posts) -

My Gamer Tag is Red CalCal7

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#67 Posted by LordJinChaos (17709 posts) -

GT: xBL00DY DR3AMSx (Obviously zeros & a 3)

#68 Posted by yam2010 (7 posts) -

Yam2010. Just send a message letting me know you got it from gamespot.

#69 Posted by Iamtrent424 (17 posts) -

Add me , I play almost all genre games on Xbox, from COD Ghost, GTAV, and NBA 2K14.

Gametag: TrentDarko

#70 Posted by CrossFire245 (1004 posts) -

o Boston o ... I have an X1 with Titanfall and Dead Rising 3. I'm looking for people to play Titanfall with (note: I'm only level 9, but I was level 32 on the 360 version before I got an Xbone so I'm not a complete noob haha).

#71 Posted by jjjones1281 (6 posts) -

GT: BEAST MODE ML24 I have a xbox 360 and the games I play the most are nba2k14, madden25, halo4, MW2, MW3, and minecraft. I play for fun and I am on most of the time so if you want to play send me and party invite.

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GT: MiniVking , I currently own Watch Dogs, Forza Motorsport 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Titanfall.

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GT: Bloodfiend189

I currently am playing alot of battlefield 4 on xbox 360 and plants vs zombies garden warfare on xbox one and will be getting alot more

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360: Lost SoIdier (capital "i")

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hmu im sleekprism79 as my gamertag

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I have most recent cods, bf3, halo 4, Diablo 3, me 3, and i just got borderlands 2 so im really into that right now, i do have a prerequisite if you wanna add me, since in my childhood all negativity came from males and all positive things came from females, i am a bit withdrawn when it comes to interacting with guys, but just give it a short while and i'll warm up to you if your chill lol, then we'll be bros for life, or something :p

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GT: lspatriots

I'm new to the xbox live community, I recently just got an xbox one. I play titian fall, fifa 14, and a variety of other games.

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Gamertag: ShannonMines

Xbox 360 only.

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chaotic909 ...brang the friendships

#81 Posted by princessrhiii (6 posts) -

GT: rhianne xox

Mostly play Black Ops 2

I'm 16 and from the uk

no one under 14

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XBOX360 Only.

Gamertag: Marz X

im down for Co-op games or just to chat.

#84 Posted by premanna (316 posts) -

xbox 360


#85 Posted by daviddiorio (31 posts) -

Xbox One Only

GT: PlushPack

#86 Posted by SpioneKid (6 posts) -

@Garfield360UK: SpioneKid is my xbox live gamer tag.Feel Free to add me, asap.I was possibly looking for friends

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Hi.39 year old gamer.Male.Don't take game to seriously.I play games for fun,enjoyment.Play from time to time.2nd time posting on this thread, just a refresh post.Add me if you like. GT- Irish Montreal.

#88 Posted by MourningRyze (6 posts) -

to play with on Xbox 360 i mainly play cod but i own Minecraft (Don't play to often), Cod's i own are Mw2, Mw3 bo2 and Ghosts, I'm also and editor and gfx logo's, but uh hit me up with a friends request don't care who, preferably over the age of 13-15, cheers :)
~MourningRyze~ (also my gamertag ;) )

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GT : FrankCastle492

I play on the 360 coz i still have so many games i need to finish, I mainly play for achievements, Co-op games I'd say I need to play are Resident Evil 6, Borderlands 2, Splinter Cell Blacklist ( Some Co-op Missions),

If you add me, please let me know you got it from gamespot, thanks.

#90 Posted by Phil145 (7 posts) -

Hey my name is Phil I'm looking for friends to play on Xbox Live ....

GT: Phil145

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Hey everybody I got Xbox 360.......I'm a 40 yrs old gamer nerd and looking for new xbox friends... My GT is Phil145

#92 Posted by Mercuria1_King (276 posts) -

Xbox One

GT: Mercuria1 King

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GT: bilingualaxis

Am new to Xbox. Only on 360. Currently playing Borderlands 2. Please include GS in friend request. Thanks.

#94 Posted by SKILLEDGENIUS (6 posts) -

I play pretty much everything

Xbox 360 & Xbox one

Gamer tag: Skilled g3nius

Add me, thanks...

#96 Posted by janetferrell (6 posts) -

GT: harley02pucci01

I play xbox 1

Looking for friends to play Call of Duty Ghosts. I also play Assassins Creed and other games. I don't have Kinect yet.

#97 Posted by qwertypuppy (1 posts) -

Hello Everyone,

Gamertag: lashing death

I have an xbox 360, but will be getting an xbox one when Destiny comes out. I hope you guys can add me and would love to play with as many of you as possible! :)

#98 Posted by MorecambeFC (8 posts) -

GT: KieranTaylor3

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GT: xX7MrSandman7Xx

Play majority of competitive and coop games on XB1. Also do some Elgato capturing for youtube