Xbox Live down? - 10/4/12

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#1 Posted by Vari3ty (11111 posts) -

Did a connection test and my 360 can connect to the internet but can't sign in to Live. I also get an error message when I try going to on my laptop. 12:30 US Central time right now, anyone else experiencing this?

#2 Posted by dab198 (3893 posts) -
Yep, got kicked off about 5 minutes ago and can't reconnect.
#3 Posted by NightStalkerBX (2032 posts) -

Same here. I was watching Netflix and it just booted me offline.

It looks like they're aware of it though.

EDIT: Link isn't working properly.

#4 Posted by iamdanthaman (2498 posts) -
I'll do you one better. I disconnected on wave 9 of Mass Effect 3 MP. Then I just did a connection test, it says that I am connected to Xbox live. Then I tried to connect, and it still won't let me sign on.
#5 Posted by iamdanthaman (2498 posts) -
Ok, just let me back on. Edit: Nevermind, it was only up for a second, I tried going back into a game and it disconnected me again.
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Same problem here. XboxLive kicked me off about 20 minutes ago and I cannot reconnect. The connection test says internet access is there but it fails trying to connect to Live. loads for me but the forums give me a, "oops, that shouldnt have happened" error page. I was in a party with some friends at the time and they didn't get kicked(I asked via text message)...just me?

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Same situation here, playing a game of FIFA 13 and got disconnected, now able to connect to the internet but unable to sign in to LIVE.
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same here bro dunno whats going on
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I wonder what is causing this. Is anyone else here on the beta for the dashboard update? I am and I can't connect.
#11 Posted by Vari3ty (11111 posts) -

Well back up now for me.

#12 Posted by gamerfreak1991 (2501 posts) -

I'm in the dashboard beta, I haven't tried to connect just now but when I was on an hour or so ago I had problem getting on LIVE. I tried to test my connection then before the test started it said signed into Xbox LIVE so I just cancelled the test, thought that was a little strange but didn't think too much of it.

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I did not get kicked, it must have happened while i was eating dinner.