Xbox 360 Purchase / Serial Number

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#1 Posted by Shishacoda67 (79 posts) -

Well im purchasing an xbox 360 (deja vu) from a dude, and I just wanted to ask is there any way to figure out if the serial number has been registered with xbox? I think once he would come here I'd check the seal, and test if it works blah blah, but do I call 1-800-my-xbox or something and then tell them the serial number? How can I figure out if its registered? He says it isn't but I want to make sure (scammers these days) any ideas or answers would be great. Thanks.

#2 Posted by iam2green (13991 posts) -
u need to go to and register it there. hopefully it works and all of that. i think u should find when it was manufactured, just in the safe side to see what kind of mobo the xbox has. it most likely will be a falcon which is good. u can tell by the watt power of it. if it is 175w then u have a falcon. the newer ones are better. the newer ones japser are like 150w or something like that.