Xbox 360 elite, fails to connect to philips LED TV (not HD)

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I recently received a philips LED TV and have been trying to connect my xbox 360 Elite to it. However the the video/yellow component does not seem to work properly, and both other red and white components are correctly plugged in. I can hear sounds but the image is non-apparent (I am not using HD). When I plug the yellow component in, for a split second I can see the home screen of the xbox menu page, but then switches to a grey screen shortly after. I tried moving the cable around, plugging it in and out but nothing seems to work. The image shows for a split second and turns to grey again if pulled in and out. I went through the manual, tried reseting the video settings, but that failed. I am wondering what is wrong. (Specs: PHILIPS 28PW9509, Pixel plus-2, 180W, 1.2W, 166KW). It is not an issue with the yellow component itself since it works on my other Samsung TV.

Furthermore, on my samsung LED TV, it works fine, but i wanted to replace it because the bright colors such as yellow, orange and white turn to red as I play after a few minutes. Is there a way to fix that issue? or is it that my TV is just too old? (Specs: CW-28D83N, 230V, 50Hz, 95WATTS).

So if any of those two issues could be fixed any useful help is greatly appreciated.

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