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I know very little about the series, and not sure which to get. It doesn't look like a traditional wrpg, is it unique compared to other wrpgs? Which Fable should I look into?

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Wait for the HD remake of the first one to come out and pick that one up. The second one had good gameplay, but didn't have that fun aspect the first game had. The third one, while the game itself wasn't bad, was by far the worst of the series for me (excluding the kinect game). Barebones RPG elements really held it back. The first game is the one that has most of the RPG elements with a decent story. The others put too much focus in making you try to care about certain things, but they fell flat.

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its unique game indeed, they sorta short, but i say start with 3 as i believe that's the coolest one. It doesn't really matter as the stories don't match as you LIVE your entire life in each game starting from child to death

as long has you can get it for nice price. they are fun IMO. A lot of people hate on it and i think it's because of peter. He was the head dev of lion head, and he loves to talk, people took everything he said has a promise

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The first is definitely the best. I enjoyed all of them but liked 3 the least.
The fable series in general is one of my favourites.

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@k2theswiss: cool signature,bro.

And, i never played fable series before,should i start?

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@sir_maximus said:


cool signature,bro.

And, i never played fable series before,should i start?

ya, why not. Many games don't play like fable and it last around 10hrs depending on how you play. I would just start with 3

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I would play the first one I really enjoyed the first game.