What is your favorite Xbox One exclusive only game?

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Poll: What is your favorite Xbox One exclusive only game? (11 votes)

Dead Rising 3 64%
Ryse Son of Rome 9%
Forza 5 18%
Killer Instinct 9%
Other 0%

There are two that I really like, but to pick only one isn't that tough.

I really like Dead Rising 3 and Ryse Son of Rome, but the one I like more is Dead Rising 3.

#1 Posted by Shantmaster_K (269 posts) -

Ryse was awesome. Dead Rising 3 is really fun.

#2 Posted by GuitarSmash (208 posts) -

Dead Rising 3. Most replayability and content, but the story sucked though. Hopefully the DLC will explain the plot holes and changes.

#3 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6198 posts) -

I'd have to say Forza, followed closely by Ryse.

#4 Posted by sukraj (23023 posts) -

Dead Rising 3 but I also enjoyed Ryse.

#5 Posted by donalbane (16359 posts) -

I've played all of them, and I'm going to go with Dead Rising. I'd have picked Forza if I liked racing, because it's a great game for that genre, but I'm not really into racing games. Ryse was OK... I didn't hate it as much as some reviews, but it was a bit tiresome... particularly the projectile portions. I tried to get into Killer Instinct, but as an old Tekken man, the goofy style and presentation was too much for me to countenance.

#6 Posted by shadow_Metroid (1637 posts) -

I enjoyed ryse, forza 5 and dead rising 3, but DR3 is probably my favorite.

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looks like dead rising is eveyones fav game.