Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition patched on Xbox One.

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This might be wishful thinking, but it seems to be running with an unlocked framerate like the PS4 now. I can't think of any other reason why they would patch it. Anybody have any dirt on what the patch did?

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Did not check and do not find any info on the internet.

When did the game got patched? maybe there are some patch-notes somewhere...

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I need to know what they did too

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It's updating now... 245MB? Quite the patch...

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Movement feel smother certainly. Not 60fps in any way but a bit better yes.

Where the hell are those patchnotes, damnit?!

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Glad to see I'm not just imagining it if you guys have seen it too.

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I might play Tomb Raider tonight.

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Have not seen whatever patch you guys are talking about. Then again, not sure what would need to be fixed on framerate. I've now played this game to completion on a high end PC and portions of the DE on PS4 and Xbox One.

While the overall framerate on PS4 is higher than it is on XB1 it hasn't really changed the experience, except that on the PS4 when the framerate does fluctuate I notice it a lot more. It seems to happen a lot in action sequences with heavy lighting effects (the fight scenes making your way through the burning village early on).

On the Xbox1 I've noticed very few slowdowns and no dips in quality until the cutscene where you first catch up with Roth. For some bizarre reason the texture quality seems to jump back and forth between hi res and low as the camera angles change.

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@wg_mcfartypants: Funny thing is that the differences between one TR and the other were a reason of mockery in this website, but you got to the official TR:DE forums and there is a big number of posts from PS4 users asking The implementation of a 30FPS limiter like Killzone Shadowfall has now.

But in the end is like you say: Game is a solid experience, and with those constant 30FPS also a consistent one.

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Oh dear. Are the "issues" present on the PS4 version?

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LMAO Did you just say the Definitive Edition needs a a patch ? Haha WOW, thats games for ya.

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Patchety patch guys