Scott Pilgrim worth it?

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Since it's on sale this week thinking about getting it.  I tried the trial awhile ago and thought it was fun, but heard it was very short.   How does it compare to Castle Crashers, especially the online community?    I love Castle Crashers but everytime I try to play online multiplayer I can't get passed the lobby 90% of the time due to games not starting or getting kicked for no reason.   I can only guess it's because I haven't beaten it 10X+ with maxed out characters and nobody wants to play with a n00b.      Since it's only $4 I'll probably go ahead and get it but just curious of peoples opinions on it. 

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Hmm just noticed you have to get the $5 DLC to do online multiplayer. So how is it single player? Obviously meant as a co-op game but would it still be worth it for SP or not without other people?
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Have you gotten battleblock theater ?
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Honestly? Couldn't get pass the first few levels. I got over that game quickly. Felt repetitive to me.
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Actually, its pretty good. Feels like a great old arcade side scroller beat'em up. It be a tad repetitive but it's a good game. I would get it since it's on sale.

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Nope. Its not worth it. Eversince Trine 2's and Lara Croft's release very few games are worthy these days.
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It's not worth it. I wasted MS points on it -_-