New to Xbox, tips?

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Can't believe I'm actually in here.

Owned an Xbox last gen, hated the hardware issues with mine (yes, yes I know the PS2 had more issues). Got a PS3 on launch day and while it did last 5 years, didn't appreciate it dying out on me all of a sudden. Back into gaming with a brand new Xbox360 now! (the irony is that I avoided the Xbox360 for hardware issues and lo and behold, that's how my PS3 dies)

Anyway, I'm brand new and was wondering what tips you guys have to get started.

  • I do have an HDMI cable from my last system and I know the new Xbox units come with built in wifi.
  • I know I should pick up rechargable batteries or a plug and charge kit for the controller.
  • I know to keep the console unit at the top of the component stack, to keep it cool, and to regularly clean out with compressed air (perhaps lack of care is why my PS3 conked out)
  • I know I will have to purchase Xbox Live Gold for online play
  • I know there's an option to install games to the HDD for the Xbox360 for smoother play. (I'm perhaps not the truest enthusiast gamer. Really purchased the system for BO2 zombies play and NBA 2k series offline/online play)

Anything else I need to know to get started?

Thanks, can't wait to get started here :)

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I've never installed a game to the HDD and I've never had a problem.
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About the batteries. Rechargeable batteries are nice, but keep some spare AAs around just in case. I don't know what exactly happened to my rechargeable batteries (they may have messed up from charging too long, curse my ability to forget), but they died on me one day, even though they were fully charged. Now, their charge doesn't last long at all. Also, I highly suggest buying Microsoft equipment if you're going to buy anything for your box, like a headset or batteries. Even though most other brands are cheaper, I wouldn't trust them at all. The best thing to do would be look online about the equipment you're looking into buying and seeing what others have to say about it. Last thing, never remove that sticker on the back of your box with its serial number on it, and in fact, you might want to write those codes down and store them somewhere safe, just in case. If buy some unfortunate fate you get hacked, you'll need that serial number to call up Microsoft with. I got hacked once, and someone bought $75 worth of Microsoft points with my account. Thankfully, Microsoft was able to fix everything and got my money back.
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sounds good,thanks for thhe tips, keep em coming :-)
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Get your self Trials:Evolution,a really Great game.

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I can't really think of anything else, other than don't move the Xbox while it's playing. I think that's what causes it to eat disks, but I might be wrong. Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but keep the Xbox standing up actually makes it run better than lying down. Aside from that, I can't really think of anything else. Have fun, don't spend all your money on the marketplace, and prepare to mute those annoying kids.
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The other benefits of installing games are less wear and tear on the dvd drive and discs, and it generates less heat in the console. I noticed when you boot up older games the dvd drive will immediately stop, but the newer games will take a minute or so before the disc stops spinning. So I wouldn't worry about that if you were curious. Look out for deals on 12 month Xbox Live cards especially this week. If you're lucky you could find them in the $35-$45 range. Maybe even cheaper. I haven't payed the full price for Live for years.
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Go to Amazon they have XBL Gold 12 month for $49.99 you can either get it sent via mail, but I'd just change it to online code and Amazon will send if go your email.
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if you have small hands, madcatz's smaller usb controllers (wired) are great. They are like 15% smaller than the standard controller and are great for people with smaller hands like mine.