My 360 keeps turning off

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#1 Posted by Riku09990 (1751 posts) -
Sometimes it doesnt start up. When it does it will randomly turn off like in 15 min or like 30 seconds. What do you think is the problem?
#2 Posted by RealKilla_789 (3668 posts) -
never heard of that problem. ur xbox is messed up. call 1800-4MY-XBOX
#3 Posted by noambartouv (717 posts) -

Well a wise man once said:"meo moncey slap slap moi ail dai wong" meaning: "The world aint perfect, and aperantly ure 360 aint ethier" - me :)

And well aperantly my jeberish aint ethier too :P

#4 Posted by stevenyo95 (2 posts) -

Hey, Ive been playing alot of Halo lately, and whenever the controller vibrates....the actual system turns off! It does this with all the games! I have the ol' 360 can anyone help me?