Kinect for Xbox One?

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Anyone else have a problem with their Kinect? On mine everything is connected, and the Kinect was working fine this morning, but all of a sudden when I say, "Xbox Turn On" it wouldn't turn on so, I was like no biggie I'll just do it manually. Once the screen turned on, on the top right corner, it said, "Kinect Unplugged" but everything is plugged in, so I tried troubleshooting it and nothing works. I feel like taking my Kinect to Gamestop and have them troubleshoot it for me, instead of waiting for microsoft to send me a new one in the mail.

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Unplug and replug the Kinect in then Unplug your Xbox's power cable for a bit then replug it and see if that helps.

Also make sure you have the "Xbox On" setting turned on to wake your system up. Go into settings>Power&startup>Wake up Xbox by saying "Xbox On".

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I haven't experienced any problem so far.

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Yours is probably defective. But in general, Kinect definitely has latency issues, yeah.

When you finally shout at it enough times to work, it works great. It's good to have, I'm glad the system came with it.

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@dbtbandit67: what a drag I had a feeling it would be defective....