Is there a way to hide snapped applications......

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#1 Posted by xfactor19990 (10915 posts) -

While they still run? For example I want to youtube a music video and minimize so I can play Titanfall full screen?

#2 Edited by BattleSpectre (5982 posts) -

I know you can switch between the two, but I don't think you can minimize the youtube page (with it still playing in the backround) and still play the game in full screen.

#3 Posted by slimdogmilionar (549 posts) -

in game just say "xbox snap youtube", then you double press the middle button to switch between screens.

#4 Posted by xfactor19990 (10915 posts) -

yea, I know that I can swap between the two windows, but I want to open like Xbox Music, or Youtube then minimize and play Titanfall full screen!

#5 Posted by slimdogmilionar (549 posts) -

Oh I see, it should work with Music but I'm not so sure about youtube.

#6 Posted by Spike1988 (1619 posts) -

Nope as far as I know the snapped applications have to stay there. It's so ridiculous and I'm sure MS will address this (hopefully) in the near future.