I'm having trouble adding a 3 month XBL card

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I'm trying to add a 3 month card to my XBL account. I used a pre-paid debit card to start up my account. I don't have enough money on my pre-paid to renew for this month, but last night I bought a 3 month XBL card. When I try to put the 3 month card onto my XBL account, it says something along the lines of not enough funds in my CC, and to add another form of payment. How can I add the 3 month card without having to use my pre-paid? I'm trying to steer away from using my pre-paid debit card and using going to try to use nothing the 3 month/6 month cards.
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Just called support and got it straightened out. Basically my CC was set up for auto renew but being that my trial ended yesterday, she reset my account so I could add my 3 month card.
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One thing to keep in mind:

Now that you paid for xbox live, sometimes you may get an error when trying to use the 24/48hrs card some games come with.

If you encounter the problem, just use the xbox website instead of the console and you'll be fine ^^