IGN's Playstation Defense Force on Gamespot

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A club of fanboys named the Playstation Defense Force has been quite an amusing joke on IGN for a little while now, and they have now found their way to Gamespot. Their aim is to go to articles and "defend" the Playstation against people who like XBox. Prepare for the nonsense in Gamespot articles now. Just thought I'd share this with the XBox forum in case anyone wants a laugh. Here's the 1st post on Gamespot:


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LOL. Yes, you do have those gamers who lack certain other aspects of their lives, such as a job, a social life, etc. You run into the gamers who have way too much free time on their hands.

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Sup Stray :p

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@MathMattS: Agreed. I do have fun toying with them on IGN though, great for when works quiet. Looks like I need to do it on GS too now :P

And sup Joe :D

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Just a bunch of people that think one console is better then another one cause it cost less and has more power when really none of that makes the console better. you dont need more graphic power in anyway to get more and better graphics on a console. Eather way i feel like the xbox one is gonna be better.

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I just want to happily game on XONE. Why can't I be free to do that?

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I just want to happily game on XONE. Why can't I be free to do that?

You are free to do that, who cares what others think.

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Sorry guys, this thread promotes system wars talk, which isn't allowed on the system specific boards.