How much the price of the Xbox one in your country ?

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How much the price of the Xbox one in your country ?

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In Saudi Arabia, the basic edition costs (not released yet, up for preorder) 467$. Will come with two games: FIFA and Forza 5

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@koko-goal: nice

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In Canada, same as the US prices, 399$ without Kinect, and 499$ with Kinect, bundles are the same prices as well as far as I know

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in Iran , well there is no official xbox launch here , but you can find it fairly easy , I think they bring it from other countries . it costs about 500$ without kinect and 550$ with kinect . like i said because its no official release , prices may be different and varied ...

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AU$499 here in Aus for the Kinect-less bundle. $599 for Kinect. Each comes with games.

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About, $12,080 plus tax. might as well be, cause unless its no more then $50, its to much lol.

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in greece coming september 5 400 euros with fifa and forza too bad dont have enough money buy xbox one

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In the UK its about £350

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in GA, US, $400 console only