How do you turn your xbox one off

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#1 Posted by jim1174 (206 posts) -

Do you turn it completly off , turn it off in stand by mode or just leave it on ?

#2 Edited by sailor232 (4921 posts) -

Stand by mode,I think.

#3 Posted by jekyll (9140 posts) -

Stand-by. You don't really save a ton of electric going all the way off and you miss out on a lot of convenience.

#4 Posted by sukraj (23224 posts) -

Stand by mode

#5 Posted by nyc05 (10183 posts) -

Standby mode.

I love being able to pause Dead Rising 3, put the XBO into standby mode, and be able to wake the system and have my game be right there in the pause menu when I resume the game. Such an incredible feature, one that I had always wished consoles could do.

#6 Posted by OFFENSIVEUSERNAME001 (10 posts) -

Return to sender.

#7 Posted by jekyll (9140 posts) -

You feel like a god when you say "Xbox on" and your whole entertainment set-up springs to life, like you skipped ahead to living in 2018.

#8 Posted by adders99 (2610 posts) -

turn mine off completely...

#9 Posted by donalbane (16368 posts) -

With my Harmony remote, and I leave it in standby so I can get updates and power up the controller when it's off.

#10 Edited by jetjetjaguar (244 posts) -

Off completely unless I know I am coming back soon.

#11 Posted by BattleSpectre (6395 posts) -

Energy-saver mode. When I turn off my console I know I'm not coming back to it anytime soon. I don't mind waiting for updates next time I turn it on my internet is pretty decent.

#12 Posted by Mickeyminime (1136 posts) -

i grab a bazooka and shoot it. It's very effective when turning it off, but it's trying to turn it back on that's the problem.....

#13 Posted by RimacBugatti (1287 posts) -

The damn thing wont turn completely off. The power brick light indicates that it's still on. So much for going green!

#14 Posted by b4il (91 posts) -

i think it's a little bit too loud when in standby, because the fan in the power brick is always running. but the convenience is nice.

anyway, does anybody know if it's worse for the hardware if it never really shuts down? or is it better when you never really turn off your system completely?

#15 Posted by WG_McFartypants (218 posts) -

The hardware is designed for it, so it shouldn't be an issue (unless your hardware is faulty, or one of the cooling fans gives up the ghost). For me, the bigger headache is deciding if I want to have a fast start up, but more frequent app/game issues, or wait for a full boot, but generally have a less buggy experience. It seems like some of the early generation software (maybe the OS, maybe an app, maybe a game, probably some combination of all three) is leaking memory or in some way gumming up the work. The longer you have the system on the more likely you'll get a crash, freeze, slowdown, or other weirdness, and once you do it seems more likely these things will continue until you fully shut the system down and restart it.

For now, I'm letting it fast boot and doing a full reset if/when anything starts acting weird.

#16 Posted by b4il (91 posts) -

true, after a few days with no full reboot (activated standby option), the dashboard was pretty laggy. after i shut the console down completely, everything was fine again.

but my console sounds like it doesn't stop working when in standby, because the console itself seems to make some noise too. sounds like writing processes, not sure though. for now i'm going with energy saving mode, maybe after a few patches i'll try standby out again.

#17 Posted by rrjim1 (918 posts) -

I turn mine completely off at night, I use a UPS with a plug in on and off switch.

#18 Posted by jlwood830 (171 posts) -

I've been turning it completely off but will probably use standby mode more.