How do you create gametags for family members on XBOX ONE ?

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Hi all

Ive been trying to add my son on my xbox one under my gold account,but everytime i get to the bit-create new e-mail/use existing,then I cant click on the create new,all I can do is use an existing email address of another family member,therefore making it impossible to set up new user for my son.

Also-Theres no way to delete stuff you no longer want installed on the hard drive.Theres nowhere to view installed games Settings/system.So what are we to do once we get to about 12 or so installed games and zero space left on hard drive?

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I had a similar issue when adding my Son and Daughter,

When requested to enter an 'existing' email address, simply press 'B' to go back this removes the on-screen keyboard and then allows you to select the 'Use Existing email Address'. Once added, you can then link the new accounts and control the permissions etc.

Regarding the storage Management, im currently unsure myself, but will have a poke around and will re-post any updates.

Hope this helps,