Halo: Reach - Forged infection Spawning HELP!

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#1 Posted by Jackjack71 (5 posts) -
Hey guys. I'm new here. Anyway, in Halo Reach when you are making spawn points for zombies and humans, it doesn't come up as "Zombies" or "Humans" in the selector. You can just make it red team, blue team, green team, ect. How do I make it so I know which spawn points are for zombies and which spawn points are for humans? Thanks.
#2 Posted by Venomkringe (168 posts) -

hmmm thats a tough one buddy...

letsee im assuming that red is for humans and blue is for infected, or vice versa. Only way you can know for sure is to test it out

#3 Posted by INF1DEL (2082 posts) -

In the forge lobby you can select a gametype. I think you have to choose infection, select a spawn point, go to object options and add an 'infected spawn' tag or something. Not sure though...