Halo 4 dew xp question

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#1 Posted by grifman1 (82 posts) -
So I entered the double xp codes online, but I don't how to actually activate them.
#2 Posted by gamerfreak1991 (2501 posts) -

You have to actually apply the XP to your gamertag now, once you redeem just click apply and sign in to your Xbox LIVE account and you should be good to go.

#3 Posted by res0i39c (2007 posts) -

Im having an issue doing this. It was fine all week. Now when i login, i get an error message. Something about the, xbox TOU thing. witch i have done, and said yes. . But can't, login.

#4 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -
you make account with dew xp. Then add coes. them click my dashbaord. redeem. sign in with your xbox live account