Forza 5 question

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I'm looking to buy Forza 5 tomorrow, and wanted to ask if you can unlock all the cars in the game without having to pay pay any DLC? Or are certain cars not available without having to pay?

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Hi, you can grind to get all the cars that come with the off the shelf versions of Forza however there are "DLC car packs" that come out later with each edition of the games. You can either buy the DLC or ignore it. With Forza 3 and 4 I ignored the car packs and never minded. With Forza 5 I decided to take the plunge and buy the first car pack and I can't say it added that much to my fun. Much depends on how in love you are with a particular car or group of cars in a car pack. Enjoy, Forza it is a great series!

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Thanks for the help!