Disc won't spin

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#1 Posted by koga88 (7 posts) -
Hello, my 360 recently started having this issue. It doesn't spin the disc at all when the drive is closed, it doesn't make any sound of clicking or trying to spin. THere are no rings of death and the NXE dashboard just says to open disc drive, and close disc drive. Then when closed it says Reading for upwards of 10 seconds then says open drive again. Any clue on whats going on or what i should do?
#2 Posted by xion1234 (235 posts) -
yeah i do thats what you get when you buy a cheap system
#3 Posted by craigalan23 (15879 posts) -
Send it into Microsoft sounds like the disc drive is broken.
#4 Posted by koga88 (7 posts) -
Warranty isn't in effect anymore because after they replaced my system after an RROD, they only gave me a month of my warranty, when I had over a year left at that point. and xion go troll elsewhere, need a brain to think of something better than that
#5 Posted by Cosmachuu (1 posts) -
Same thing happened to me, and i have no idea what to do -.-