Did you wish they still made Ryse a kinect combat game?

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One of the things that I like about the new xbox is the kinect and Ryse seems like a nice game.

Is it a good easy game to relax to and get immersed in the roman times?

I played a co op game at PAX and I loved how I dodged and killed many enemies at once. It was a good feeling so I was wondering if the story mode had good combat and cut scene balance.

When I first heard of this game it seemed like a really cool kinect game for the 360. I waited and waited and was disappointed they got rid of it. I am too poor to take up a medieval combat class so I thought this would be the closest to it. But as a non kinect game it still looks nice since I like romans.

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it depends on who you ask. its not groundbreaking in terms of game play, its graphics are superb and i liked the story. the combat gets a bit repetitive but i actually like it and the executions are pretty dam cool imo. its got a decent variety of locations where the story occurs too my favorite is the wickerman level its brutal, for myself im glad i have it on my third play through currently on highest difficulty. its definitely better then 4/10 like it reviewed here id give it a 7/10. oh and to answer your question No im glad it isnt a kinect game the kinect is kinda stupid imo

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I hope someone does make a kick ass medival kinect combat game in the future. I want to feel the battle.

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I guess it would be cool, but then there would be the constant swinging, side stepping, crouching, etc.

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I'm glad it wasn't a Kinect game to be honest. Let's all face the facts here when have we ever seen a really good Kinect game? I sure hope the Kinect 2 does it better than what the 360 did.

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no I'm happy with the game I don't think it would sell many copies if it was a Kinect game.