Best co-op zombie game??

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#1 Posted by jlevin860 (813 posts) -

i wanna play a good split-screen zombie game for when buddies come over. which one do you guys recommend??(i already have resident evil 5)

i also only have the 360.

#2 Posted by Gunslinger_1988 (766 posts) -
LFD2 has to be the best. You forgot Resident Evil 5 and dead rising isn't co-op.
#3 Posted by jlevin860 (813 posts) -

resi 5 has split screen and mercenaries mode... i haven't played dead rising i know i heard DR2 will have it though??

#4 Posted by vashkey (33759 posts) -
Dead Rising didn't have co-op. I think Left 4 Dead 2 makes a better zombie game but I think Call of Duty: World are War is a better game over all.
#5 Posted by JJnyg24 (740 posts) -
There aren't really any good atmospheric survival-horror zombie games for this current-gen of consoles that have co-op, most of them are fast pace run-and-gun action, but are still enjoyable. L4D2 heavily emphasizes cooperative gameplay and is hands down the best on your list because WaW zombie's is a single gameplay mode and Dead Rising doesn't even have a multiplayer feature(the sequel supposedly does).
#6 Posted by Elian2530 (3658 posts) -

Left Dead series is my favorite. It's atmospheric in a fast paced, run n' gun type of fashion. Left 4 Dead (1) is my personal favorite. The level designs in the first game were superior to Left 4 Dead 2's. Despite this little setback, L4D2 manages to add many new features, and a different overall setting that brings something new and fresh to the series. The gunplay in both games are identical, with the exception of melee weapons added in L4D2. You may think it's a bit cliche like Condemned series, but it's surprisingly fun and satisfying to chainsaw a horde of zombies. They're both must-haves.

As far as Resident Evil 5 goes, it's not atmospheric at all. It takes a huge departure from the original Resident Evil games, namely Resident Evil 1. You will always know when zombies are "incoming" when they queue the cheesy music. And the zombie types in RE5 aren't particularly interesting to encounter. I like the old school zombies and the zombies in Left 4 Dead series.

Call of Duty: WaW's Nazi Zombie mode is a nice bonus to WaW's already massive single player and online modes. It's a nice touch, but it's by no means a "true" zombie game. It's just a mode where you kill oncoming zombies, that all look identical and they do nothing special like the zombies in RE5 or L4D.

#7 Posted by Mr-Gingersnaps (578 posts) -

Left 4 dead is by far the best, re5 is amazing as well. but another good game is Zombie apocalypse (XBLA) 4 people on one xbox good arcady feel

#8 Posted by archvile_78 (8382 posts) -

For me it will be dead rising 2 whenever its out. :lol:

For now, i guess L4D2.

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Left 4 Dead 2

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Left 4 dead is by far the best, re5 is amazing as well. but another good game is Zombie apocalypse (XBLA) 4 people on one xbox good arcady feel

Ahh... How did I forget that one? Yes, Zombie Apocalypse is a fun XBLA game. Definitely worth checkin' out.
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No competition, L4D2!

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Left 4 Dead 2 overshadows all of those games. I strong consider it.

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zombie apocalypse