An honest opinion on the Xbox One controller

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That guy has a very honest opinion on the X1 controller. Especially where he talks about the bumpers and the analog sticks. There's only one problem, you need to enable eng subs but it's worth the effort.

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my own opinion is what matters, I love it, miles better than the ds4.


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I hate it. Im a huge xbox fan and I am getting all my multiplats on the ps4 simply because I cant stand this controller. Too loose, too small, sticks are too high.

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I love it. It's a great controller.

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Only thing Incan complain about is the bumpers just a touch too awkward to press

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Yeah to be honest the only complaint I have towards the controller is the bumpers. Otherwise it's great.

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Once you get used to pressing the bumpers on the edge, it's a great controller, and slightly better than the 360's. It's only slightly better because the 360 controller was already great.

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I love the xbox one controller I love everything about it.

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I think generally it is very, very, good; there are only two issues I have:

1) The milling on the top of the joysticks is good for extra grip but can be harsh on your thumbs. This does seem to be becoming less of a problem over time.

2) The shoulder buttons feel unsatisfying and don't have enough "depth" for you to push in, I prefer the 360 ones.

However these are minor complaints, generally it is better in every way.

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I like it a lot... the best thing about it is the impulse triggers, but the problem is only one game - Forza - takes any advantage of it. I really hope Titanfall does the same, as well as all the exclusives going forward. Multiplats that use the feature could get sway me away from buying the PS4 versions. I also love the D pad. The only problem is, as many have stated, the bumpers. Whoever thought that putting them on a hinge was loco. They need to redo it like they have both of their other controllers making the bumpers clickable flat buttons like the 360 ones. Other than that, it's a great controller. Until the bumpers improve, though, I currently prefer the Dualshock 4, though I prefer the Impulse Triggers over the touchpad. If the bumpers were like the Xbox 360's, I'd easily prefer the Xbox One controller.

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I love the controller myself. The only think I can even grumble about is the lack of a headphone jack. Wii U and PS4 got that one right but hey I guess you can't have everything.

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@BattleSpectre said:

Yeah to be honest the only complaint I have towards the controller is the bumpers. Otherwise it's great.

Yeah same... Overall it's very comfortable (maybe even alittle more than the DS4), but I don't like the triggers.