1080i in PC monitor = 1080p?

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#1 Posted by stylezclip (675 posts) -

so am i right? if a computer LCD monitor can display 1920x1080 , then it means it can display 1080p.

Then if i use the monitor to play 1080i games, then it what is displayed will automatically be converted into 1080p?

#2 Posted by Mikerules868 (2153 posts) -
if you set it to 1920x1080, then yes
#3 Posted by OoSuperMarioO (6539 posts) -
lcd is automatically Progressive scan so when you send a signal of 1920x1080 you are getting a 1080p signal.
#4 Posted by HyperMetaDragon (5345 posts) -
Yes, LCDs will automatically upconvert interlaced signals to progressive scan signals. This is known as "de-interlacing." The problem with it is that there are different forms of de-interlacing signals, and they each have cons. I'm not sure if there's a new de-interlacing form that looks just as good as progressive scan, but as far as I remember, a native progressive scan signal will always look better than a de-interlaced signal.
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Apparently the last fall update added 1080p support for PC monitors (through the VGA cable) so why bother with 1080i & de-interlacing?

EDIT: Oh, I get what you're saying - if the game's in 1080i, then I'm not sure what handles the deinterlacing... if the 360 does, then the signal will look better than if the monitor does probably.