Xbox 360 S 4gB Vs Xbox 360 250Gb

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#1 Posted by Vader993 (7533 posts) -

which should i get,i heard the 4gb is matte finish,should i just wait and save up money buy the 250gb

#2 Posted by mtradr43 (5272 posts) -
theres no reason to buy the 4gb one unless you never plan on installing games or downloading anything
#3 Posted by sharkbiscuit79 (1142 posts) -

There is only a £50 difference I would wait and save other wise all your gonna be able to save on the 4 gig is game saves and the odd arcade game.

#4 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -
4 gigs is too restrictive so save up.
#5 Posted by dissembled (357 posts) -

Yeah, you should be installing all of your games anyway to prevent scratches on the discs.


Chrome > Matte.

#6 Posted by nottu (951 posts) -

only buy the 4gb if you dont want DLC, and dont care about installing games

#7 Posted by Vader993 (7533 posts) -

4gb is really 2gb

#8 Posted by DJ_Magneto (4675 posts) -
Within a week of buying a 4GB console, you'll probably be pining for a hard drive.
#9 Posted by jlevin860 (818 posts) -

i have the 250 slim, i would have preferred a matte finish, i hate how it shows every little mark but the 250 gigs is sweeeeet.

#10 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -
lol... only way i buy that 4gb xbox is when microsoft puts kinect in it and has 0 plans to put it in the 250gb model... why? because i would save 20 after i bought 250gb hard drive for it. 300 4gb kinect model plsy 130 for 250gb hard drive=20 dollar save vs 300 for 250gb xbox + 150= 450
#11 Posted by MuRRaY- (79 posts) -

As of now it seems like the 4gb will save you money at first, but some features will not be available (which some may not know).

Want to run Co-op through the Halo Reach campaign? With the 4gb you will not be able to, as it requires an actual Microsoft HDD to be installed within your system to do so. The lack of space may get to you as well, although USB thumb drives may be able to alleviate that problem.

Just figure I give a quick heads up as Sept. 14 is right around the corner :)

#12 Posted by darth-pyschosis (9322 posts) -

Honestly, get the 4GB and see if you can live with it, it can't use USB drives which is a rip off but its a great value at its price, and buy a 250GB HDD later on eBay, its $130 retail but you can probably get it on eBay in a few weeks or now for less than $100 (250GB old 360 HDDs go for $75 on eBay)

I'd buy the 4GB if i had a choice and then buy a HDD later online coz the matte finish, i hate the glossy finish

Though i still don't see why MS had to destroy all their old accessories with the Slim. I knew that WiFi would be in it, but new HDDs? They could've still made it shorter, and slighlty thinner while still working with old HDDs

#13 Posted by DJ_Magneto (4675 posts) -
@darth-pyschosis The 4GB 360 S cannot use USB drives? I would doubt that. Where did you hear this info?
#14 Posted by Null_Ckt (25 posts) -
I have the 4GB S and yes, you can use USB Flsh drives. I have a 4GB and a 16GB I use with it now. That being said, I had a little /rage when I found that they do NOT count as a HDD and therefor you can't play the Halo games co-op. I like the Matte finish better, but I would have gone with the 250GB had I known the 4GB of internal memory was not considered a HDD. That's really lame, but it IS Microsoft and they would do something like that. Whatever, sell my now fixed Pro and a game or two and I'll have paid for the HDD.