Using PC Monitor/Speakers w/ 360 is nice

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As a former PC/non-console guy, I switched to the 360 primarily because keeping up with PC hardware upgrades is too expensive. But I wasn't used to gaming in my living room 10' away from the TV. Also I can't afford an HD tv right now.

So I hooked up my 360 to my PC 22" LCD monitor/surround speakers and I can say I'm very pleased. Now I can hit the VGA/DVI button on my monitor and toggle between my PC & xbox and also play xbox games in 1260x1024 res. However I'm still working no getting digital sound to work.

Has anyone else used a PC setup for the 360? What do you think?

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I'm currently trying to find the 360 VGA Cable, and I can't find it anywhere. I think my only option is to order it online, but I was hoping to have it all setup by Christmas. I'm getting a 24" monitor for Xmas, so I'll hopefully find it. I got the Pelican Intercooler, and it has a VGA port in the back, but I'm having no luck finding the right cable, though I haven't searched much. I already have one of those AV sound converter things (it takes the red and white ... things and converts them into a headphone jack. Great to hook into a stereo.)
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Yeah I use a similiar setup for my Xbox 360. I bought a VGA switch for $20 dollars so I can connect my computer and Xbox 360 to the same LCD monitor. It works briliant. I also have a four speaker sound setup which is fantastic.
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I got my cable at Fry's Electronics
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Check your local Sears for the VGA cable. I found the Official Microsoft one at a local Sears this past week for $5.97 on clearance. It was labeled as 14.97 but rang up at only $6. Give them a shot!
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I'm also using a 22" with Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound speakers, it's awesome!
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I've used my 19" LCD with my logitech 5.1 and man!!! It looks great, and sounds wonderfull.
As an avid PC gamer from last year, my sound system on my PC is better than my HDTV system. :P