Titanfall for solo beginner at FPS?

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I've never played a FPS before, and I won't have any friends online playing it either.

Would the game be fun for someone like me? I gather I would just be paired up with 5 other random people on a team? Would this be a fun way to enjoy the game, or do you really need to have some kind of built-in community already?


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I play the game with none of my friends, and yes it's still very fun. As for being a beginner at FPS multiplayer games you can't be worse than me. I didn't like multiplayer games because I was never good at them, but after seeing Titanfall I really wanted it, and I'm glad I went for it because it did everything it aimed to do. The game is a very fun experience and you'll find yourself playing for hours on end with the addictive habit of playing another round.

The game isn't that hard to get into either, it's very easy to pick and play. Parkour isn't something hard to do, but skilfully chaining the jumps together, getting some kills as you're wall running, and at the same time making it harder for your opponents to kill you is awesome. Then you have your Titan that you call down from the sky above, boy where do I start with this. It doesn't feel clunky at all, and the battles you can have are so rewarding and fulfilling.

When you're facing another Titan on the map one on one, it's like a fun chess game, you have to skilfully dash around, finding buildings to take cover behind and unleashing your special moves at the right time to give maximum damage. Once you see that health bar lower on the other Titan to the point of no return, watching it explode into a million pieces is oh so great. You pump your chest proudly "I am the best" you chant. But then when you are on the other side of getting your ass kicked you panic, tapping on the X button as fast as you can trying to eject before your Titan blows us.

it's so awesome when you eject from your Titan, you launch up very high into the sky whilst having a birds eye view of the playing field below, as you begin to descend back onto the map you see the battle going on. With missiles being launched at each other, Titans being blown to bits and all the explosives going on really leave you to marvel at the scene and scale of the battle. Sure the game is not perfect, the multiplayer campaign mode is nothing desirable (if anything a good reason to unlock new Titans) but with the different types of multiplayer modes it's a fun game all the same.

I find myself not even using my Titan sometimes because I'm so engaged in the battle, I want to kill some Pilots and it's so achieving when you do. There are a lot of grunts on the playing field too, and out of 5 of them 1 might be an actual player, it's always exciting trying to figure out who's a player and who's the grunt. Not that it's hard to tell, grunts aren't very smart and when you start to get belted by an actual player a few times you know what to look for.next time. A player will wall jump, they move more skilfully, carefully and will kill you with no second chances.

Maps you ask? they are really well done, with plenty of playing field for Pilots without being forced to use a Titan. Lots of buildings and windows to jump in and out of to use defensively. As a Pilot you can still do a lot of damage to a Titan with your special Titan weapon. Find higher ground, run a long walls and take cover in buildings whilst skilfully placing off skilled shots at an enemy Titan has it's effects. If that's not good enough for you, you can always jump on an enemy Titan and rodeo it, shooting at it's electrical circuit board. So many choices, but which will work best for you, can you pull these moves off?

To sum things up watch some gameplay videos of the game, if it's something you think you'll enjoy than go for it. After all you are paying full price for a multiplayer only game, but having said that I think it's worth it's price tag and some. Best of luck with your decision.

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If you have never played a FPS then this would be just as good as any to start. This along with COD probably have the smallest learning curve. Always need to start somewhere and this is a fun game. Not knowing anyone online won't matter i don't know anyone, the rounds are short, and you make friends / meet people by playing online and adding people (or just go into the XBlive gamertag section on here and add some people).

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I didn't play MP FPS period until I tried the Titanfall Beta. I'm not that good, but sure have a lot of fun!

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I play alone and have a blast, but if you want to play IAMWEAP0NX with the o being a zero is my gt. I know nobody who owns a One yet, but I'm looking for people of all skill levels to play with. I'm not very competitive and just like having fun playing.

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It is fun playing by yourself but winning consistently will require you to have a team that plays together. Feel free to hit me up. My GT is Kuu2.

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Very fun game, the training will also help you figure it out for being a starter

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The Smart Pistol is great for FPS newcomers. Use the minion detector to show you the AI people and sneak around killing the relatively easy grunts and specters. It's a valid strategy, and doesn't require lightning fast reflexes with the help of that pistol.

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I'll play with ya. Show ya the ropes... GT is Tuupumpchump